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Holy Crap! I Won A Contest!

Congratulations to #CrowdmixCovers winners @Tereza_1969 @ledzeptribute @JoeJoeKeys!— CROWDMIX (@crowdmix) April 24, 2015 Holy Crap, I Won The Crowdmix Contest!I rarely enter song contests but lately I’ve been getting the urge.  I have had my eye on this new groundbreaking music app called Crowdmix.  When I saw they were soliciting submissions for their #CrowdMixCovers campaign […]

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Why Indie Musicians Should Stop Complaining About Spotify

Indie musicians are lazy. There I said it and I can never take it back. If I offended you I sincerely apologize but this fact is true. I can say this honestly though because I am certainly not guilt free of this! Drugs and alcohol aside, the majority of indie musicians simply don’t have the drive to make their music a success.

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New Music – Opi | A Blast From The Past

Greenville College 1998New Music! Well…to most people.  Only about a thousand people know what this is, until now.  About 500 actually purchased a physical high fidelity “CD-R” that I spent about countless hours dubbing for the “big show.”  I was in college and this was my three piece piano rock outfit called “OPI.”  OPI came out […]


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